How To Trade Your Way Out Of A Paper Bag…

How To Trade Your Way Out Of A Paper Bag…How To Trade Your Way Out Of A Paper Bag.

How to Trade Your Way Out of a Paper Bag? 

It’s an Old Expression Related to Trading Well in Order to Overcome Financial Challenges or Lows.. 

Now, that may sound like a funny headline, but it’s important to get a perspective on how to make money when your funds are really low. Usually funds get really low due to an improper, negative mindset, which attracts us to not having funds.

Various law of attraction books and courses talk about how you will tend to manifest and make happen in your life what you think about most of the time, especially when charged with emotion.

When looking to trade your way out of a paper bag, meaning looking to use trading to establish cash flow, when your personal cash flow is very low and your levels of funds are very low, you’re going to have to get into a battle mode mindset.

Why a battle-mode mindset? Because you’re going to have a lot of emotions that are not productive in trading that you’ll have to deal with. You’ll tend to be drawn towards the safe thing or the sure thing, but what seems to be the safe thing or the sure thing and trading is usually a trap and usually loses.

You’ll also be drawn to take bigger trade sizes than you should, and because of that mindset and emotional set, you’ll tend to be drawn to the side of losing opportunities.

We could go on and on about this topic, but what you are going to need to do is divide up your position sizes into proper portions so that you can trade a system with all the trades in the row so that system can let you out a profit. And in fact, when one has a loser-money-loser attitude and mindset, they will even tend to enter the market during a time when the system won’t perform as well as other times. So expect that due to the negative mindset in combination with a desperate mindset, you will be drawn to start trading. You will be emotionally motivated to start trading at a time when we’ll have more losses than usual with a good trading system.

The marketplace is a strange thing. But it does reward those who are diligent, those who look to trade correctly with repeated, consistent high-probability trades only, and with proper money management position size and business math.

So with that said, hopefully you have a good trading system that you know that if you do 10 trades in a row, you will make money to an absolute certainty as much as an absolute certainty can exist in the markets. And you know this because that system has done the same thing over and over and over in the past. Hopefully, you have such a system. If not, then consider one of ours.

If you’re looking to get cash flow moving more quickly, you’ll want to consider micros swing trading or day trading. Here are our micro-trading systems, and here are our day-trading systems.

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