How to Trade Like a Squirrel

How to Trade Like a SquirrelHow to Trade Like a Squirrel

How to Trade Like a Squirrel. Hmmm.  But Wait!  After Obverting Squirrels for Way too Long Through the Back Window Door while as an Eye Break from Staring at a Computer All Day I Made Some Interesting Observations that Can Provide Insight Into Trading

Trading like a squirrel? That sounds crazy. Okay, maybe a little silly, but let’s just look at the comparison to highlight some important points about trading well.

When we think of a squirrel, probably a lot of us think about dogs reacting to the sight of a squirrel, losing focus, forgetting everything else, while instantly having an absolute need to go get that squirrel.  Hmm now that’s sounding more like a lot of humans, especially these days of cell phones, computers, social media and all sorts of other endless distractions and emotional enticements. 

We don’t want to be like a dog that drops all focus, concentration and behavior considerations, that goes on to chase after every squirrel. Have you ever seen a dog with more than one squirrel? It chases after all the squirrels at once. It’s pretty ridiculous. And of course, the dog usually doesn’t get any squirrels. And on that note, even if there’s just one squirrel, a dog is rarely able to actually get the squirrel since squirrels are  pretty shrewd and fast, acrobatic and athletic as well.

The squirrels, on the other hand seem to be constantly focused.  They are focused on their business, their surroundings and their goal.  The squirrels are always looking out strategically to see where they want to go. The squirrels are always looking out for where I can find nuts. Squirrels eat nuts. Squirrels especially love acorns. Squirrels go where the nuts are. Squirrels don’t fool around going to trees where there are no nuts. Squirrels move in batches of distance, moving, stopping to survey the surroundings (unless running away from something or chasing their pals).

When a squirrel finds a nut, it cherishes it. It claims that nut and puts it away for profit at a later date.

If the squirrel was a trader, he or she would probably be very strategic and only go for opportunities that could produce profit at a later date. Squirrels probably wouldn’t get distracted by shiny bells and whistles. It would waste its time on nonprofitable opportunities. A squirrel doesn’t gobble up rocks and sticks to dig up later. It buries something of profit or value.   It respects it’s profits.  It looks to build up profit.  Squirrels take life very seriously unless specifically playing. 

The squirrel is always looking ahead to where to find more profit. It’s very strategic. Squirrels are also very systematic, meaning that they find the nut, the acorn and they stash it away, over and over and over again.  Squirrels lock in their profits and don’t let them go to waste.  Squirrels are always on the hunt for profits. So you could say that a squirrel is a cash flow generator and a systematic strategy trader. The squirrel does both.

Squirrels look out for danger continually and don’t get easily duped into unprofitable situations. Squirrels don’t get plunked around by waves of all sorts of different emotions.  They don’t mess around.  They don’t have time for fools or foolish behavior either.  We could write much more on this topic but that’s it for now.  Consider a Squirrel and it’s ways to help you improve your mindset and approach to trading. 

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