How to Make Money With Options to Make Money With Options

How to Make Money With Options, Avoid Pitfalls, Avoid Dumb Mistakes and Steadily Grow Your Account…

How to make money in options requires an organized approach with entry and exit in combination with an organized approach to basic business math of position size relative to the size of one’s account.

Basically, you want to get to a point where you trade a set of simple rules over and over that has historically and consistently been able to net out a profit.  You don’t need to find some mystery method of keep chasing “something better”.  Just execute something over and over that you can turn into a habit, that can give you consistent returns.  And then from there, the BIG MONEY is made in the steady COMPOUNDING of that consistent profitability.

Dumb traders try to make the most, mosest, make it all at once.  Even if you do hit a massive score, you’ll mostly likely lose that and more later because you didn’t learn a methodical method of profiting.  And a methodical method of profiting for ridiculous fortunes doesn’t need to take a a lot of time.  In fact for most humans, the more time you spend in the markets the less you make.  And the less time you spend in the markets, if executing  a simple system, like a 25 minute work week style system, the more you’ll usually make. 

In regular bricks and mortar business, one needs  do their business math to determine the amount of risk they want to take in terms of investing in their employees, investing in equipment, land, build out, investing in inventory, investing in advertising.   Because these are all risk factors.  And if not put together into a synergistic whole, a complete system that brings in sales and profits, then one will lose money just like one would do so in trading if they didn’t have their proper risk allocation as per probability and other variables.  If you don’t run a complete business in the bricks and mortar world or the trading world, you’ll lose. 

Now in order to make money with options you’re going to have to increase your probability of success. You’re going to have to increase your consistency of approach that you can have more consistent success in the future.

Too many people try to trade the markets in order to prove their “genius”, their “special” ability to tap into their intuitions in order to read the future. Now I’m not here to knock intuitive trading because that’s how I started, although, I did start developing that intuition from as early as age 6 believe it or not as strange as that sounds.

But intuition takes a lot of focus and concentration and it can be easily polluted through various other thoughts that pop in from The Ether or  distractions from various emotions from many different things.  The emotional cloud clogs up the ability to access accurate intuitive thought versus various other thoughts.

So to get started making money in options, you really need to have a cerebral, logical plan on how to make money in options.  You’ll want to learn either one trading system and go forward with that one trading system or you want to take a broader educational approach, like many of our successful students do and learn multiple options trading systems to then find the best system that fits your personality the best.   

Yes some students even like buying a lot of our trading systems and strategies just to learn the discoveries we’ve made, for educational purposes.  Others are just looking for a solution to make money now so they find a solid method, learn it, study it historically, practice it and become good at trading that system, with some going on into 6 and 7 figures profits

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The post How to Make Money With Options appeared first on Online Trading AUTHORITY.

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