Exciting Trading Ideas Are Usually Are A Bad Idea – Winners & Winning in Trading

Exciting Trading Ideas Are Usually Are A Bad Idea – Winners & Winning in Trading

Friends, while it may seem exciting to chase the hottest new trading ideas, more often than not this results in losing versus winning in the long run. As a seasoned trading expert and strategist, let me share why excitement alone rarely translates to actual profits.

All glorious trading concepts come with a dark side that excited new traders are blind to. Every promising strategy reaches its natural saturation point, a time when it stops working due to everyone else now trading it too. What was a hidden gem becomes a crowded consensus idea doomed for failure.

Winners focus only on strategies with statistical, backtested substance – not buzz or flashy marketing. They understand that hype comes and goes, but proven methods will weather periods of disinterest before resurging to produce next 5-10 years of rewards. That’s the real measure of success, not weeks.

Plus exciting new ideas inherently lack the testing and refinement advantages of veterans’ long-honed methods. The development process ensures robust systems optimized across multiple economic eras and niches, not limited to latest euphoria. Latecomers always pay dearly for being late!

Finally, bubbling excitement itself – the thrill of potential reward – is the dopamine drug of trading ruin. It overrides logical analysis and plants invisible trip wires of overconfidence. Disappointment then fosters over-trading and worse decisions in manic search for vindication.

Stay steadfast in strategies powering your success, but open-minded to improvement through disciplined research – not hype trains. Master your methods, develop and trust your trading intuition, then profits will follow your passion’s path without fears or failures. Being excited, but staying wise ensures lasting victory.

  • Get a plan and stick with it.
  • Test out that plan first umpteen times over so you know that you know it will work in the probability sense.
  • But you need a destination and that destination would be a goal.  Get a great epics goal that makes you excited.  Have your goal be the excitement, not the trading idea of the moment. 
  • Start to observe the difference between the truth and a lie within.  Find out when a lying idea pops up and take notes on its characteristics so you can better avoid it later.   
  • New ideas in real time are usually not a very good idea to do.
  • Understand that the markets can speak to you and put ideas in your head.  Are these voices that come through the marketplace?  Are they demons around you trying to punk you in real time? 
  • The big money in trading is usually made before a move takes off, not after you see an exciting move.  Most dive into trades after they just saw something excited or a move in a stock.  “It’s going up!  I’m getting in” (not understanding that the markets already made it’s move thereby diving right into a consolidation or even a reversal of that move thereby wasting time and money.)

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