Caveman Method For Making Money In The Markets – It’s So Simple A Chihuahua To Do It.

Caveman Method For Making Money In The Markets –  It’s So Simple A Chihuahua To Do It.animal, baby, boy

Caveman Method For Making Money In The Markets – As Dumb As it Sounds for Big Money, Sophisticated Trading, Dumb and Simple Has Proven to Be a Powerful Approach to Trade and Has Worked Very Well with Our Students Over Time…

Wait, a Chihuahua?  Uhh no.  Maybe a Monkey a Very Focused Monkey.  You know what,  How About an Orangutan?  A Dolphin?  A Caveman / Cavewoman – Me See. Me Do.  That’s it!  Me No Think Too Much – Make Better Trader…

There a lot of personality types out there that associate themselves with being a caveman. They like to do really simple things. Like Gronk, “Me See Ball. Me Catch Ball..”  and that worked out quite well for him. And the good news is that, the caveman types tend to do very well in trading.

The caveman / cavewoman types can stay simple.  They don’t go off in all sorts of fancy, endless, swirling, whirling dervish thinking. 

And It’s the simple things in trading that do extraordinarily well.

Many people try to get too fancy over time.  They get way too fancy and get themselves confused while missing out after basic opportunity after basic opportunity.

A lot of people want some sort of epic performance on every trade they do. They probably get that idea from trading books that write about epic performances so they figure that they want to have their own epic performance.  Okay, that’s cool and all, but there are just too many way to “one and done” traders, famous traders out there.   

We want you to be an on going every compounding, epically profitable trading that keeps growing and growing, at faster and faster rates over time. Now how about that?  Does that sound good to you?   Well then, activate your inner caveman / cavewoman and let’s get the ball, the boulder rolling!   

But all in all that’s a wild goose chase in terms of actually profiting consistently over time. The consistent profit comes with taking the bread and butter’s that don’t necessarily have the best winning percentage but that the ability to net out profit on a consistent basis by doing a bunch of deals on a row on a continuous basis.

To make a long story short I’m going to introduce to use some caveman methods for trading the markets that are really simple and basic but have proven to be ultra-powerful over the years.

I used to forget about the simple caveman systems in the quest to develop greater and greater trading systems. But one day I came back and I realized that these caveman systems tended to do very well with students even though they were necessarily the highest winning percentage systems or the most prolific. It didn’t matter. What mattered was the simplicity that made students feel-good trading the system.

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