T15 - Options Home Run Strategy

T15 - Options Home Run Strategy

home run options

High Probability, High Accuracy Trading Strategy for Options for Specifically Targeting the Biggest of Big Price Moves for Hitting Home Runs On Purpose.

Run as a Trading Strategy or as a System

T15 is a trading system comprised of the "magical" T15 strategy setup that, when it occurs, gives  an opportunity to "attack without mercy or fear" the entry due to the high probability nature of this age-old, awesome trading setup.

This is a no-brainer strategy to add to your trading arsenal. In fact you could do well by simply only focusing on T15.

You see, if you study some of the most famous investors, and traders you'll notice that the majority of them Focus on "the homerun" only. That's interesting! Does that mean they are famous and successful because they make a lot of money or because of their home style? Well ultimately, they're famous because of their results. Warren Buffett is famous for his results. He's a home run style trader. You would do well to emulate his style, or at least emulate his approach to training and investing.

option trading strategyWith T15 options trading strategy you can hone in on homerun types of price setups on a REPEATED basis.   Because we trade price action off-price charts we have unlimited opportunity that keeps on coming. We don't have to study Financial reports all day either! You'll only have to look at a price chart for about two minutes! From there you just place your contention order for entry and stop loss then presto! After that you just check your price charts for a couple minutes a day (and please do not stare at your price charts all day long no matter how exciting it may seem for you would only get in the way of the system while stressing yourself out ) for your profit-taking exit.

Not every trading set up will be a homerun but every trade will have that potential. You'll be amazed at secrets opportunities that are hidden on a price chart when you get the system.


This can be applied to as many stocks as you wished used as an optimized strategy looking for ideal setups across the markets - or it can be applied to just one stock or a group of stocks over and over traded as a system!

T15 is a strategy that has worked powerfully over the past 100 years or so of price data.  The strategy is based on extremely stable fundamentals hooked into human nature and the needs of the market place.


  • Gain a strategy you can apply across any stock or any instrument for that matter
  • Time, hone in for an optimize strike for a potential large move relative to that stock, with options.
  • Have a very exact, clear trading setup that will start to make a lot of sense to you.


  • A strategy you can use as an optimized entry point for potential home run moves across many stocks or simple use systematically on the same stock over and over.
  • Get good at this strategy, get good at anticipating, lining up home runs and you just maybe able to rapidly grow and account to heroic proportions as some of the trading heroes of the past.

The way to think about this:  Now you have a powerful strategy you can use at will.  It's a home run type of options trading strategy so you can anticipate big potential moves and ONLY Focus in on those moves.

In life there are two ways to go:  run a methodical process that can bring you a net, home run over time or just only focus on home runs while not getting distracted by smaller tasks.  As for the latter, we only have so much time and energy, so focusing on home runs could be a more efficient way to go.  It certainly seems to work for Warren Buffet and George Soros!


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T15 Performance:  Here is a performance sample of all T15 Trades on CAT.  This means whenever T15 trade was there we took it.  No picking and choosing.  Of course you can pick and choose if you'd like and trade T15 as a strategy, optimized for a "one time event".


One Pay:  Only  $2,997 - A Pittance Compared to Proceeds of Just One Winning Trade for Some of You!

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