BARNUN Weekly Options Day Trading System

BARNUN Weekly Options Day Trading System

Weekly Options Day Trading System BARNUN

Day Trade Vanilla Options in a Solid and Simple Way

Imagine having a super clear and simple way to potentially net out options points with those awesome high Delta low cost weekly options on with a near set and forget style of trading…

day trade vanilla options

I discovered a phenomenon that is repeatable overtime. This phenomenon is repeated every single day the markets.

When I develop my trading systems I develop them for the purpose of being solid, so they can stand the test of time and also simply smashed out of Met profit.  As true as it may sound I am interested in profit. I'm not interested in artistic trading systems – those usually don't do too well.

The system is designed for simplicity and in daytrading, simplicity is very big.


  • Capture those big intraday moves you see so often but which you could capture.  Now you'll have a simple plan and you just need to simply execute the plan
  • This is a great system.  Once you'll have it you'll feel like kicking yourself for having missed those thousands of days where you say your favorite stocks make big intraday trend moves while you sat watching by idly.
  • Potentially stack up significant profits over time in a systematic way.


  • Receive a simplified form of trading for capturing a day's big move and riding that move with cheap, high delta weekly options
  • Day trade vanilla options!
  • Day trade weekly options!

Now they're different types of daytraders. Some folks just can't concentrate very long and that's fine. Other folks have other things to do and they can't devote themselves to the markets all day.

So we have this system Weekly Options Day Trading System BARNUN that offers a way to trade the markets to take out big potential moves within a day and get out by the end the day with minimal watching.  This is not a type of training system where you have to watch every chick.

Once your entry order are set and your stop losses parameters are set then you just wait for your entries to get hit and then you watch for profit-taking.

Observe some examples of the BARNUN options day trading system below.

day trading opyions aapl-2barnun aapl3-barnun barnun2-gs

Observe the performance results below.

The track record sample is taken off of the stock Goldman Sachs as you see below.  It's not that Goldman Sachs is that special for the system we just took it because it seemed like a good solid well followed stock that has a decent price follow-through. Because bottom line of options if your price follow-through then profits can be made.

We trade weekly options with this daytrading system. We are out by the end of the day. Time decay is not a significant factor at all (unless you're ticking down on Friday) but simply trade price action set ups we do not concern ourselves with time decay.

We focus on trading stocks, with options.You can even set your orders in from the beginning of the day and let the stock do his thing so all you need to do is glance here and there at the price charts in order to see if you entered and to see if you need to trail your profits if you have them.

In the track record you'll see that there are two types of trades.  The first three columns are one type and the 4th column is another type all part of the same system.

This track record is a performance sample of the actual system.  This means each entry and exit given here are based on the exact rules of entry, stop loss and profit taking exit that comes with the system.  So this is an accurate representation of the system, what you will be purchasing.

barnunoptoinsdaytradingsystem1 barnunoptoinsdaytradingsystem2

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One Pay:  $2,997



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