GPZ7 Options Trading Systems

GPZ7 Options Trading Systems

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GPZ7 Options Trading Systems Gives You a Century's Tried and Proven Price Action Strategy with the GPZ Mechanism That Has Been Averaging 74% to 80% Winning System's Results Giving Your a Powerful NEW Way to Trade Options!

You can scroll down to the systems results samples below.  This system is not at all exclusive to those examples and can be used on any stock.

Stocks offer this special opportunity whereas other instruments do not.  Why?  Stocks don't trade overnight. Take advantage of this system and put ANOTHER cash flow opportunity to work.  The goal is to have 10 streaming sets of cash flows from running 10 systems at once.  Why?  Replace your buy and holds with trading systems and watch your whole world potentially flip rightside-up!!

Think about it.  What if you ran GPZ7 on one of your stocks and were able to get a simple and solid 59.43% to 100% ROI cash return yearly on AVERAGE?   And then instead of using stock, use the equivalent position size (i.e. 1000 shares = 10 contracts)  in options (which is just a fraction in funds for what you would put up for the stock itself) which could then magnify your percentage return.

Employ a long time solid options trading strategy combined with some special tweaks that produce a tremendously solid system that can be employed in a powerful way across a variety of stock options.

 The System You've Always Thought Could Be Possible Has Now Come to Life Taking Advantages in the Unique Properties of Price Gaps Mix in with a Few Magical Tweaks.

Sometimes it takes an experienced and creative mind to see things that others simply don't. They're different ways of looking at price action. Different minds see things in different ways. But when she got to the point that we have we see things for the sake of profit! We see things for the sake of having a solid reliable way to trade so we can trade a bit more aggressively. We need to not only make money but we need to keep that money and grow that money. That's the only true measure of trading success.


  • An amazing options trading system that masters the price gap
  • This is not a day trading system but a day bar, swing/trend system
  • Use a very solid system that has stood the test of time


  • Obtain a very solid way to trade the markets based on a dependable market price action move, phenomenon actually
  • Have a system that can be continually run for the potential stacking of profits over time
  • Finally master all of those gap moves you've always knew you could capture somehow - now have an exact plan.

There are many one-shot wonders and fly-by-night traders throughout history. They have a great run and then they blow up. Well or not interested in that. There are also many great traders/investors that have been able to make money, keep the money and grow that money to extraordinary proportions. That's where we want to be. And that's where we want you to be as well.

This is an amazing system to add to your trading arsenal. You know if you're training other systems you should consider adding this to your trading repertoire. Even if it's just with one options contract.

You'll start to see the power of the system is used to trading over time.

How do you trade the system? Well you just obtain the course, study, study it back in time, practice a bit of historical paper trading and just start trading – but just start training with tiny amounts to get used to the system. The system will take but 10 minutes tonight. You not need to watch the markets all day. Reviews contingent orders for options.

What's in the course? This is a homestudy course of videos that will teach you all the parameters of trading the system. It also teaches other factors such as pitfalls to avoid, money management, how to trade system well and success mindset and training.

You've always sensed that there must be a profitable and CONSISTENT way to trade gaps.  It's as if no one could figure it out. But we have - yet that should be no surprise.

I want you to check out the powerful trading system results below. This is a trading system which means that we execute our training set up over and over without trying to optimize an entry. Results usually work out way better this way because most the time the market can't be guessed.

What does GPZ7 Options Power Move Trading System come with?  

  • GPZ7 is a homestudy course based mostly on videos that shows you the secret system entries, stop losses and profit-taking exits
  • This course also teaches you how to avoid pitfalls, how to use proper money management and how to actually get good at trading the system,  making trading of the system  a "success habit". You need to be consistent on trading the system to have the potential results.
  • The system trades 10 minutes a night and it is easy to handle when you're using proper money management position sizes.

GPZ7 Results

Results are based off Systems trades. This means these are the  entry and exit prices that the system gives at the systems trigger points. This also means this track record represents most closely to what you are buying when you buy the system. In other words these are the exact entries and exits of the GPZ7 options trading system.  You will be able to see the entries and exits as you study the system to confirm that this system did what it says it did.

What you see below are results tabulated in stock points. That also means you can trade the system for your stocks! I think the stock points are tabulated then the options points are tabulated. The options points are what you need to go by in terms of options results.

You can also see the systems winning percentage tabulated below. The "X factor" trades are an additional trick you can use when trading options. That is included with the course as a limited time bonus.


January 2015 Systems Results Performance Sample of GPZ8

It's time to take action and get a system for building cash flow network marketplace.  It is my opinion that this system should be employed by every serious trader out there. It is an important system for you to have and understand. You can purchase it today just as long as you see an add to cart button below. But I can't promise you this will be available forever.  As we develop our trading companies you will get to the point where we will remove all the systems for purchase. So purchase a copy while you have the chance.



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