NUKER Vanilla Options Day Trading System

NUKER Vanilla Options Day Trading System

With an Options Day Trading System You Need a SOLID, Reliable, Dependable, Clear and Simple Method of Trading in Your Daily Trading Plan...

NUKER offers you such a plan.   NUKER gives you a powerful trading system that is pattern based for you to trade in a near effortless way every day.

Profiting consistently over time in day trading takes a very simple and clear mindset and a very clear and simple trading system.

A problem many have in intraday trading is that they tend to crave more and more speed.  As if day trading was not fast enough traders tend to want faster and faster trading systems.  Well I'm here to tell you now that speed means nothing but good entries mean everything.  And you really can't get much better then the entry parameter, the set up pattern that NUKER trades.

  • Learn how to enter intraday trend and swing music pinpoint precision.
  • Have an incredibly stable entry pattern complete with stop loss and profit-taking exit mechanism.
  • Acquire the ability that NUKER gives you to trade the markets.  This ability  is a power, almost a trading super power, that gives you a system for trading, for life.
  • You'll always have a training plan for every day. This will help you avoid trouble and put you on the path to consistent profit.
  • This system in combination with weekly options has the potential to yield incredible results over time.
  • Learn money management position sizing along with this course – the type that can bring maximal potential profit overtime

Ride Moves Like This on a Consistent Basis with NUKER...

The following charts demonstrate moves you would be trading with NUKER.  Those are not cherry picked moves either those are all the moves for the day of those stocks below.  You don't need to exhaust your self trading 20 times + a day.  You just new a few good moves to ride over and over on a daily average.

We don't always have to trade the highflyers… We can make potential fortunes off of these 50 Cent moves in stocks like Facebook! The options are cheap and money is money. The equivalent amount of options for $5000 will just buy you more contracts with Facebook versus Apple.

That said,  it's hard to deny the 10, 15, 20 point moves… That stocks like Google can provide with intraday weekly options.

We likes stocks that can put in solid, smooth moves that we can ride with options.

With this options daytrading system we have a chance of riding high probability moves. High probability moves with high winning rates are what can put us in a position to make money. Solid ways of trading are much more profitable then fancy ways of trading.

Some Tips on How to Trade NUKER Well:

There will be many days that will be very profitable. And then there will be some days where the stock is just dead in the water. That usually comes after a big swing or when there's a big gap up and the marketplace is a little stunned.  Overall who cares! You just need to know that in order to be emotionally prepared for those days you don't try to get any new "bright ideas".   The bigger days will more than make up for the couple, few narrow range days.

The secret is to stick to the system to do the trade as they come up. Don't force any trades or don't force the issue. And especially don't force your money management position sizing!

The magic is in the system. The system requires that you do the system that only the system. That's going to be your challenge. And you're gonna need to make a "success habit" (stress on the word habit) out of trading the system correctly.  How do you do that? Willpower! Use your willpower to trade correctly for a month and then it starts become second nature and very easy.

But so you'll be worn in for your sake as a traitor going forward it's easy to get distracted in trading due to the high emotional pressure of the marketplace.  But that's why we are here – we'll teach you how to deal with that and  that high-pressure and turn those emotional lurings of the marketplace into your advantage help you become potentially extra profitable.

Check out this sample track record of NUKER below.


One Pay:  $2,997



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